About RiteSune 5.18

Dear customer, thank you for trusting us.

iritesune.com is an e-commerce website of Ruishang e-commerce company, which provides you with RITESUNE brand products directly.

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We are located in Fuzhou, China. We started operating household products 20 years ago and now have a full set of R&D and production equipment for aromatherapy machines.

The company understands the importance of a healthy life, but good quality and affordable prices are also important. We will continue to work on improving the production process and quality to ensure that you open the package satisfactorily. We will also reduce unnecessary costs through supply integration, effective organizational structure, and precise control of marketing costs. We will create the best cost-effective products for you.

In the future, we will carefully develop more products to help you relax your emotions, cleanse your body and mind, and face life in a relaxed and happy manner after the busy schedule.


Fuzhou Risune E-Commerce CO., Ltd
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